BevPic Features

You get more with BevPic than any other platform.

BevPic Connects to one Secured Central Information Hub where distributors, Retail Accounts, Suppliers, and Potential suppliers connect to streamline communication and get important information.

Check out some of these amazing features.

  • Interactive Messaging Board: A central platform for distributors, retail accounts, and suppliers to interact.
  • Time to Sell Tracking and Reporting:  Allows distributors to view company or individual sales routes with our unique time to sell tool, depending on the number of stops, drive time, and various other factors, knowing your account base time to sell can increase route efficiency.
  • Various Survey Programs: Five 30-day, customizable surveys. Individual surveys consist of Distributor, Sales Representatives, Merchandisers, Drivers and our potential supplier certification program.  Surveys can be deployed each month.

Not done yet! BevPic has more!

    • Jobs Board: Allows for easy recruitment of the best talent. Post and apply for employment opportunities.
    • New Supplier Certification Program: Stay ahead of your game by reviewing a potential new supplier portfolio and getting certified results.
    • Push Notifications: Never miss a lucrative opportunity again! Get notified every time new products are launching, or existing products are going off discount.
    • Automated Messaging: Send custom automated reminders to sales representatives daily. 


    • Unlimited Uploads: Upload unlimited documents, save and compare years of data to make effective decisions. 
    • Unlimited Registrations: Register as many employees as you like on BevPic.
    • Assigned User Role Engagement: Distributors have complete control of BevPic and can assign roles and set access restrictions for every employee or retail account. 
  • Direct Digital Ad Campaigns: Take your marketing efforts to the next level. Distributors, as well as suppliers, place ads on various platforms to increase brand messaging, give a boost to new product launches, etc.

There’s much more, but you get the idea. BevPic has lots to offer!

Minimizes Missed Opportunities

Share your information and discount details to every retail account on day one and front-load the selling process to minimize missed opportunities.

  • Simple Retail Account Product Ordering: Optional to all or individual accounts.  Distributor sets roles. These are just some features of BevPic. Other equally effective features include:


  • Easy edit and tracking controls
  • User-friendly design
  • Simplified user training
  • Increases sales and distribution
  • Comprehensive reports and tracking
  • Data analysis
  • Increased data security

Beverage Product Information Center

BevPic is always working overtime…

BevPic eliminates miscommunication, which leads to missed opportunities. It ensures communication between distributor and retail accounts at all times. So, whether a distributor alters a sales route or the sales rep is new, handling the route temporarily or even on vacation, BevPic will take care of everything to continue sales and distribution without any complications.

It’s never to late… In the office or on the road!

Supervisors can remotely check on accounts in real-time. It enables them to be proactive instead of reactive, which translates into smooth sales, distribution, and profits.

Furthermore, with new brands entering the market every day, it can be a costly mistake to let potential brands slip to your competitors without having an opportunity to review the portfolio of the new potential supplier.

BevPic offers an easy solution to this problem as it allows you to be part of our new supplier certification program. It means you can view, accept or deny any new brands based on certified information from your retail accounts.

There’s always more with BevPic.

As an exclusive member of BevPic you can also enjoy FREE access to our other apps, including SMART, a Schematic/Planogram Monitoring in Real-Time app, which uses artificial intelligence, and MAGIC a 3D Augmented Reality Display Builder and TAG a video communications platform. 

All of these are designed to offer data analysis in real-time, streamline communication amongst all parties involved, and increase sales, market share, and profits.

BevPic members also receive many other useful apps, for FREE!


Along with all the great features BevPic has to offer, we didn’t stop there.  As a BevPic member you will also receive SMART for FREE!

With SMART, Distributors and retail accounts are interlinked in real-time providing better communication and maintaining allocated space to schematic in each retail account.  You control and approve all changes.

Let Tango Systems Artificial Intelligence do the work for you.


As a BevPic member you will also receive for FREE, MAGIC.

MAGIC is a 3D Augmented Reality Display Builder.  Magic allows for a 3D experience of building and sharing displays or POS in Real-Time.

It’s simple to use… Just choose the image you want and superimpose it into any location.  Take the display image to the manager, not the manger to the display location.  

We all know the first couple arguments for a display is either no space or the manger is to busy to check the space out.  Magic makes it easy and overcomes objectives.


Another great addition to BevPic is TAG and it’s free for our BevPic members.  

TAG takes communication to the next level. Gone are the days when you employed texts and emails to connect with your friends, sales reps, and any other group of users. 

TAG… You’re It 

Connect live with your retail account and sales reps to hash out concerns or discuss great opportunities.  This feature gives you the ability to make key decisions and act quickly.

We haven’t mentioned it yet but TAG comes with your own virtual secretary.

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