Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance Program

Tango Systems understands the importance of turning your idea into a reality and the costs associated with it. Sometimes these two paths collide.

We understand starting a new project can be overwhelming. Tango Systems is here to help and merge our common goals.  Tango Systems prides itself in making our clients feel comfortable, understanding the entire process, interacting at each phase and delivering an amazing and successful product to our clients.

 Let’s be honest!

The worst part of any project is the financial aspect.  Tango Systems makes this process a little easier by offering an installment plan.

Tango Systems Is The Right Choice!

We now offer Flexible Payment Plans powered by

Installment Plan

Tango Systems installment plans are based on the size of the project. We offer a low mobilization payment upfront and payments based on each phase signed off by our clients.

We don’t ask for additional payments until our client is satisfied with the current phase and then moving on to the next phase. This keeps the ball rolling and clients budgets intact and easier to maintain.

Within our quoting process we will provide you with the entire payment process and amounts at each phase.

You can contact us at anytime to discuss this incredible option.

Should further assistance be needed to reach your project goals and objectives, please read about our Financial Partnership Assistance Program.

Tango Systems Is The Right Company To Partner With

Partnership Details

With the complexity of some projects and cost associated with them, Tango Systems is here to help provide assistance. We strategically offer a Financial Partnership so the fit between our companies and the vision of your project can be merged.

We offer a low partnership interest in your project to help reduce upfront cost to our clients. With this partnership, we provide assistance marketing your idea to ensure the success of meeting our goals and your vision. This approach gives both of us an advantage in achieving a healthy return on Investment “ROI”.


Our partnership is a silent agreement and at no time do we want to be the face of your idea. We are here to help assist financially and assist in marketing ideas.

We have many platforms to help market your project and as a vested partnership, we provide HUGE marketing discounts.  Once we have determined the scope of the project and if financial assistance is needed, we can discuss the possibility of a partnership program.

We are very selective and take the entire project into consideration.  Having the power of Tango Systems behind you, in every facet of your project, is a winning solution for both parties.

Inquire now… Let Tango Systems help!

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