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Make the switch...

Join and interact with friends, loved ones, business associates and become social using your mobile app.

Speak freely and express yourself openly, without fear of being "deplatformed" for your views.  Engage with real people.  Knucle is people and privacy-focused, to give you and your friends a great experience.  Knucle protects our members rights and privacy.  Knucle is here to help people with varying life experiences, from all walks of life, communicating and sharing experiences.

Social media has become overwhelmingly popular...

and hard to manage with so many different platforms available. Tango Systems has created Knucle, A social media site brought to life with its own heartbeat to give you a complete social experience.

With our trendy designs and advanced technologies, you can share with the world your life experiences in confidence. We want your voice to be heard and experiences to be seen.

Knucle has so many cool features...

There’s just to many to list.  We created Knucle so you can have the experience of multiple social media platforms all in one experience.  No more switching back and forth.  Make the Switch…. Go Knucle!

Throughout the years social media has played a huge part in everyones life, connecting to others, sharing experiences and posting memories.

– OR –

BevPic Making Connections...

Interact and communicate better. BevPic provides all the tools necessary to increase sales, profits and market share.

Our BevPic Mobile App generates interactive communication between distributors, retail accounts, suppliers and potential suppliers.

BevPic is designed to connect distributors, retailers, established suppliers and potential suppliers providing them access to a platform where they can communicate and collaborate freely.

BevPic is an interactive beverage product information center. It connects all parties in a secured central location to streamline communication betwen all users. The outcome is fewer missed opportunities, increased sales, distribution, market share and profits.


Why Choose BevPic...

Be first and get the edge over your competitors.
BevPic is a unique, proprietary platform designed specifically for the beverage industry, which continues to evolve into a more technical business model.

In today’s competitive market, distributors have to fight for space in retail accounts. BevPic can give you an edge over your competitors by showcasing your complete portfolio, discounts, and much more.

Check out even more that BevPic has to offer
BevPic offers an easy way to keep your retail accounts informed and satisfied. BevPic is also an excellent means to incorporate the suppliers into the BevPic process and keep them up to date on relevant information.

This improves relationships and ensures that all parties are always on the same page and working in unison to achieve the same goals.

Don't get left behind... Digital ads work!...

As a member on BevPic, distributors and suppliers can place ads in our community platform to increase the efficiency of your message to retail accounts.

With BevPic, you can now be the first amongst your competitors to reach the retail accounts, increasing your chances of outperforming your competitors and capturing appropriate space and distribution.

Tag... You're It!

Tango Systems created Tag and made it free to our users.  We also included many cool features with no upgrade pricing.  We feel being 100% FREE is important to our users so we are keeping it that way. Make tag your choice and “Make the Switch”.   

Keep tagging and make it fun communicating with family, friends and business associates.  During these hard times, it has become more important to share videos as a means of communicating, rather then the old boring method of texting.  Tag gives you the ability to take a video and have it watched when convenient.  

It’s really cool when you’ve been tagged or just waiting in anticipation for the reply video or designer text comments to come in.

Feel Even Closer To Your Friends...

For those that want to feel even closer to your friends and are just a little more adventuresome, you can go on Tag live.  This live feature makes it feel like everyone is sitting in a room or maybe on vacation together. Doesn’t that sound great?

There’s just nothing better then hanging with friends and family, so when you can’t physically be together, make Tag your choice and drop a video to them or hit them up and go live.

Tag has many cool features and is user friendly, allowing you to easily share your lifetime experiences.  Next time you have something to say, Tag someone and make it a video.  Once you start Tagging, you can’t stop! It’s the new way to communicate. Keep putting smiles on your friends faces and brighten up their day with Tag.  Remember, you’re it! Now it’s your turn to send some enjoyment.  We’re sure your family and friends are waiting to hear from you.

Coming Soon...

Coming soon you will have your own virtual secretary, “Kennedy” as a new addition to Tag live.  Kennedy will keep you up to date transcribing and sharing your notes.  It’s agreat way to recap with friends.  It’s simple, cool and still 100% FREE. Tag is the perfect source to communicate in a live chat forum to plan trips, have business meetings or maybe just enjoy conversations.  Hope you enjoy. Now Tag someone.  

We are constantly adding new features to make your experiences even better, so stay tuned, there’s more to come.

It's Truly Magical... Get It Today!

If your sales reps are tired of being denied space, Magic is the solution to all your problems.  Withe this modrn tool in your sales arsenal, your sales reps can forget about lugging heavy items to showcase products or displays pieces.  It’s time to employ modern technology to get the job done!

Bring Some Magic To Your Customers!

If sample products are affecting your budget or are illegal to hand out, Magic is the perfect solution for you.  You can now show retailers a 360-degrees view of the products and then superimpose them anywhere you want on the shelf!

If your sales reps are more adventurous and are looking for that huge lobby display, let Magic bring the excitement to the decision maker.  Showcase exactly what the display would look like and how much space is needed.  This is a positive way to get the upper hand over competition and increase sales and product awareness.  Let the selling begin!

If you are an authorized user, you can activate MAGIC and start building displays instantly.

Get your Magic features today...

  • 100% FREE
  • 3D augmented reality display builder
  • Build custom displays on the spot instantly
  • Superimpose existing display to any location
  • Virtual reality showcases displays with a 360-degree view
  • Existing display import features
  • Easy user editing tools
  • User- friendly design
  • User display building tools
  • Display enhancement features
  • Hi-Res imaging
  • Display POS placement features
  • Display save options
  • Display or Image sharing
  • Multi-product display features
  • Advertising opportunitiesGet your

Make It A Smart Day...

Your schematics willbesmart and interactive using our mobile app. Our sophisticated artificial intelligence provides real data in real-time.

Be Smart – Add Smart – Get Smart
Smart – Schematic/Planogram Monitoring in Real-Time.

100% FREE for Distributor BevPic Members

Gain free access to our exclusive Smart Ai Schematic/planogram Monitoring and Tracking System by registering with BevPic.

You can interact with all parties in real-time and keep the space restricted to an authorized schematic.

Get Smart... Make The Right Choice!

Our “Smart” artificial intelligence system allows mobile app users to identify and alter your retail account schematics quickly. They can make changes to show the retail account admin and get approval.

Since this is done accurately in just a few seconds, the sales rep can spend more time selling. All users can activate and benefit from Smart Ai from anywhere at any time.

Apart from that, you can get real-time distributor territory market share analysis around the clock!

– OR –

Find Your Perfect Match... Go Social or Go Private!

The world has been waitng and we delivered. GhostMe has finally arrived.  This is a fun and exciting dating app.  

We developed GhostMe using very sophisticated algorithms, giving you the perfect match.  For those of you that aren’t interested in dating, thats ok too.  We have something for everyone.  

Dating has become harder to meet the right person as the world has become closed off.  Now is the time to Go Social on GhostMe!

Go Social and enjoy the benefits of being matched with other users that have similar interests.  You can decide what information you want to be seen by your new social friends.  We give you complete control.  It’s fun and awesome.


Not Sure... Go Private!

You can also Go Private within GhostMe, where your identity is kept anonymous until you decide to share it.

Go private!  Chat with confidence, and keep your information safe and confidential. If you want to be safe, then GhostMe is perfect for you.  Go Private is perfect to keep anyone from obtaing your phone number or stalking you.  Again… you control the information you want to share.

When you have something to say but aren’t sure the person you’re speaking with is the right person for you, then GhostMe is hear to save the day.

You can text, share pictures and videos and know they can’t be downloaded. After your pictures or videos are sent and viewed, they will be deleted forever.

Keeping you and your information safe is our concern.

Jewel Will Be Released Soon!

Jewel is the perfect fit for any establishment to help increase customers and productivity. It’s simple, easy and user friendly.

Jewel connects people looking for great food, events, or just looking to be social. Let your establishment be the place to be.

Next time you need to know whats going on, let Jewel send you notifications of all the hot spots and join in on the fun.


Jewel Has Even More To Offer!

Jewel will also save time and overhead. You have complete control over Jewel. Upload your entire menu on Jewel for your customers to see or place orders. You can set parameters on Jewel to either allow or deny ordering direct to the waitress or bartender, again you set the parameters and functions.

You can set Jewel users, that check into your establishment, to give access to ping your wait staff when customers are ready to order or just need another beverage. You can also have Jewel ping the servers when food is ready, or drinks are ready at the bar, eliminating time wasted with continuous searching.

Let your servers spend more time selling and giving great customer service.

You can use Jewel to keep track of your employees working hours, breaks or how many tables were serviced, along with many other features.

Release Coming Soon!

Tango Systems will be introducing “BevTender”, a complete liquor tracking system. BevTender will reduce inventory time and labor cost at the same time, giving you complete control over costs. With our ARTIFICIAL INTELIGENCE working for you BevTender is quicker then any inventory system out there.

Some BevTender features to look forward to

Open bottle inventor

Full bottle inventory

Multiple bar inventory with merge option

Consumption analytics

Liquor costs

Pour costs


Identifying selling trends and dead products

Custom graphs

Share with multiple users

Tango Systems Finding Ways to Give Back!

You are on your way to earn additional revenue.

All you need to do is drop off an information sheet with your exclusive profit sharing code on it to any account within your territory and you qualify.

Retail accounts qualify to share in a percentage of advertising revenue earned at there account.

Tango Systems belives in giving back and making our partnerships strong.

It’s that simple…

You will make ON-GOING PROFITS as long as their account stays active. Your retail account also benefits by saving time and money along with having accurate information on inventory.

Each active member will also have the ability to send orders directly to your distributorship.

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