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Hope you enjoy the full video and don’t forget if you are a BevPic member, you have access to the smartest schematic monitoring system in the world.

You have lot’s to think about all day, so Smart will do the thinking for you when it comes to your schematics.

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Be Smart about your schematics

Schematic Monitoring System in Real-Time

Tango Systems artificial Intelligence makes this the smartest schematic monitoring system developed.

Distributors and retail accounts are interlinked in real-time maintaining space to schematic in your retail account. You control and approve all changes.

Tango Systems Artificial Intelligence:

Provides real-time SMART REPORTS and ANALYSIS. Smart takes the thinking out of where products belong and keeps sets to schematic.

Get Smart results instantly.

Making shelf management easy

Image Comparison: 

Tango Systems Smart technology is employed to match images to the master schematic and detect changes.  This process allows the user to effectively work towards keeping the cooler or dry shelf set to the schematic.

Interlinked Multi Users:

All users are interlinked; retail account employees, distributor sales representatives, merchandisers, drivers, etc. can use Smart depending on approved roles set.   

Smart keeps anyone stocking shelves informed as to where products belong.  No more guessing.  Keep your space protected!

Become the Smart set captain

Set Captains Program: 

This feature ensures that users employ Smart effectively. The first distributor in every territory automatically becomes the Set Captain (timeframe TBD). 

The Set Captains receives notifications about all schematic changes to the master set prior to all other users. After the initial length of time, Set Captains will be determined quarterly by the total amount of Smart time logged by each distributor. 

This encourages sales representatives to use Smart every time they walk into an account.

Shelf-Stocking Accountability and Reporting: Supports efficient management by viewing and tracking stocking in real-time.  

Market Share Analysis in Real-Time: 

Provides real-time reporting on distribution and placement.

Here is a glimpse at more Smart features

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  • Instant Identification of missing products and changes to schematic by Tango Systems Smart Ai technology
  • Easy schematic edit options
  • High-quality images
  • Reports and analysis
  • Easy image learning and uploads
  • Saves changes to master set pictures for comprehensive reports and tracking
  • One-click schematic approval process and update to all users
  • Smart keeps your cooler or shelf sets to the schematic
  • Advertising opportunities
  • User-friendly design
  • User sharing
  • Uses phone camera
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